• Welion new energy appeared in the "2020 Liyang International UAV Development For

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    On December 23, 2020, Jiangsu Welion New Energy Battery Co., Ltd. won the award of "2020 China UAV Pioneer Enterprise" in the "2020 Liyang International UAV Development Forum & the Sixth UAV 100 Meeting" held in Liyang.



    The event brought together nearly 300 people from all over the country, including UAV manufacturers, parts suppliers, leaders of the National Association of UAV and Unmanned Vehicle System Manufacturers, local government departments and media.


    With its technical innovation and comprehensive advantages in solid state lithium batteries, Vylan New Energy attracted much attention in the activity. At present, many products of Veilan have been successfully used in the UAV. Relying on the characteristics of high energy density, high safety, high power, wide temperature zone, long life, etc., Veilan has been praised by the industry.
    Researcher at the institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing who blue new energy technology co., LTD., chief scientist Li Hong made "challenges long range of solid state battery technology" keynote speech, he from a technical perspective, this paper introduces the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in all areas of battery technology needs, long life, solid-state batteries technical solutions and the institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and who blue solid-state batteries development progress.


    In order to give customers a more comprehensive understanding of solid-state batteries, Mr. Li Yongwei, General Manager of Jiangsu Weylan New Energy Battery Co., Ltd., was invited to give a report entitled "Solid State Battery Technology and Product Development for UAVs", which aroused great interest of the guests present.


    During the conference, a number of UAV industry experts, UAV manufacturers and parts suppliers came to Jiangsu Weilan New Energy Co., Ltd. to visit the company, have in-depth communication and discuss the development plan of UAV industry.