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    time:2021.01.29 Click volume:1064

    On January 26, 2021, Jiangsu Welion New Energy Battery Co., Ltd. held the "New Dream, New Sail -- 2020 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference". Jiangsu Wei Lan staff, Beijing Wei Lan personnel in Li attended the meeting.

    Li Yongwei, General Manager of Jiangsu Welion, made an important speech at the meeting. He expressed his heartfelt thanks and affirmation to all the staff for their hard work and achievements in the past year. He asked all staff to continue to put production safety in the first place in 2021, comprehensively improve skills, strictly control product quality, increase production capacity, improve quality and reduce costs, and strive to optimize business, open up markets and improve performance.

    Jiangsu Welion executive deputy general manager Tian Qiyou made
    《Summary of Work in 2020》

    Jiangsu Welion Deputy General Manager Gao Xidong read
    《The commendation decision of the company's advanced collective and advanced individual in 2020》


    It was signed by all departments at the meeting《2021 Annual Work Safety Responsibility Certificate》

    In order to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere, tea party and lucky draw are specially arranged in this activity. All the staff actively participated, making the whole activity full of laughter.




    Looking back at 2020, we will bear in mind the hard work and innovation, and look forward to the new starting point of development in 2021. With the new journey, new challenges and new development, all the staff of Jiangsu Welion are full of expectation and passion, and will definitely open up a more magnificent career and conquer a larger market!